Are You a Giver?

If we were in a court of law would you be judged ‘Guilty!’ for giving quality referrals?  Would your business colleagues say the same thing of you?  In today’s rush, rush, rush society it can be difficult to slow down enough to invest the time to put all the ingredients together that make a quality referral.

Over the years I’ve been privileged to be a member of some great networking and mastermind groups including the Samurai Executive Networking Group and the Itasca Bank Women’s Initiative.  My top-notch facilitators in these groups (Bob Lambert and Diane Middlebrooks) teach us to always use the Golden Rule in business.  You guessed it ‘Do unto others what you’d like to have done to you’.  You don’t hear this too much in today’s day and age but I’m old-fashioned and so, thankfully, are many of my colleagues and clients.  When I invite guests to networking functions especially Samurai I tell them that both the seated members and guests are givers not takers.  The ‘Gimme gimmee my name is Jimmy!’ or show up and spam people with business cards are not the folks we want to be around.  Quality will always trump quantity.

Quality means investing the time to know, really know, what your colleagues’ businesses are all about.  This includes learning:

  • Their mission and vision
  • Services they provide
  • Target market
  • Who their team members are
  • What awards they’ve won
  • Who they want to be connected to

Yep, this all takes building that ‘R’ word – R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P.  I encourage you to go out today and be a giver.  It may not come back immediately but at some point you will judged ‘Guilty’ of doing great things!

About Sue Kramer-Harrawood

Sue Kramer Harrawood is a Virtual Assistant, Speaker and VA/Client Relationship Coach. She is the founder of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. As the leader of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance Sue connects established easy to work with small business owners to highly skilled virtual specialists. Sue’s passion for the VA industry drives her passion to speak to the business community. The lessons she learned from leadership in the VA industry and those she learned partnering beside her own clients for more than seven years led Sue to launch VA/Client Relationship Coaching. She coaches small business owners on how to partner with and build successful long-term VA/Client relationships. Sue’s transparent style of sharing her own strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned attracts clients who seek a knowledgeable VA leader with an approachable, helpful, humorous, direct and transparent style.

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