Q & A with Sue

Who are your clients?

We work with people just like you. You love your business and are really good at what you do but don’t want to do the daily / weekly / monthly tasks that just aren’t producing revenue. Our clients are those who have been in business at least 8 years, own professional service firms, have revenue-producing business models, want to work with business owners not employees, desire a high level of expertise and are willing to invest in professionals of that caliber. They are ethical, easy to work with, comfortable working with a virtual team, have more than enough work to delegate and are willing to let go of the reins. They desire long-term partnerships with C level support professionals who understand what it’s like to own a business, hit the ground running and don’t need or want to be managed.

Typically our clients charge at least $300/hr. for their services and appreciate the extra 10, 20, 30 + hours per week or month that delegating to us gives them back in their schedule.

Looking at the list below, you can see the variety of clients we partner with:

    • Attorney
    • CFO
    • CPA
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Communications & PR
    • Consultant
    • Corporate Trainer
    • Executive Coach
    • Financial Advisor
    • Recruiter
    • Small Business Advisor

What are your sweet spots?

Though we are a full service virtual support firm we specialize in Operations Management and C-level Executive Administration.  Additionally we have top notch team members who specialize in bookkeeping, marketing and social media.

For what type of professional are your services NOT going to work?

Our services are performed for the most part completely virtually. 90% of our communications are done online, mostly via e-mail, though we do hold occasional strategy and planning calls with clients. As we support multiple clients for those who prefer a professional who works only with them we are not a fit.  Should they need quick turn-around or large amounts of daily availability we will not be a fit.  Also, as a rule we do not partner with those who have last minute emergencies on a regular basis.  If a potential client tends to procrastinate, changes priorities frequently, micro-manages or is more comfortable in a employee-boss relationship we will not be a fit.

What is your discovery process?

After we’ve received your Contact Us form you will be sent a link to our online scheduler.  When we’ve received your calendar confirmation you will receive a confirmation email with a few questions to complete prior to the discovery consultation with our CEO, Sue Harrawood.  The consultation will focus on your needs and questionnaire answers. Together you and Sue will determine if our team is a fit for you and your needs.  If yes, Sue will connect you to a few team members she feels fit you and your needs best.

What are the benefits of partnering with your firm?

  • No longer will you feel frustrated and overwhelmed at all the moving parts when it comes to managing your business.
  • You will stop being the “go to person” for your team.
  • No more grunt work, like spending hours solving problems with vendors and team members.

How does Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance work?

Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance is a trusted Virtual Assistance referral firm not a staffing firm.  Due to Sue’s longevity in the virtual assistance industry she has built tremendous relationships with VA’s and other virtual specialists across North America. All the specialists Sue will connect you to after the discovery consultation she knows personally and trusts. In essence, unless she says otherwise, all professionals Sue refers have her stamp of approval.

Does your team charge hourly or have package rates?

Both.  All virtual professionals on our team are independent entrepreneurs.  Some create custom packages for clients while others charge hourly.

I’ve been told that I have a strong personality.  Can I partner with a VA?

The short answer is yes; the longer answer is that depends on you.  If you are coachable, teachable and trainable it’s possible that you could have a great partnership with a VA.  Understanding who you work best with and the nuances of the VA industry will determine if partnering with a VA would be a good fit for you and your business.

I see the term fit mentioned on your site. Why is fit such an important consideration when partnering with a VA?

Fit is crucial for the success of building a team with endurance.  It’s crucial for the success of a VA client relationship/partnership.  VAs work very closely with our clients.  If there is not a fit in personality, communication, respect and many other things the relationship will be very painful and short-lived.  Due to this our process has many layers as essentially we want to partner only with those clients who understand why fit is so important and they are committed to it as much as we are.  As we work primarily with clients who desire to build a long-term relationship with their VA they are willing to invest the time getting to know us in the discovery process.

Can I get in touch with some of your current or former clients to see what results they saw from partnering with Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance?

Absolutely!  Please contact any of our testimonials on our website or LinkedIn profiles.  Many of our current and former clients have been a part of our lives for many years and refer us often.

I may be a fit for Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance specialists.  How do I get started?

Awesome!!  Please fill out the Contact Us form.  You will receive a link to schedule a discovery consultation and a questionnaire to complete before your consultation.  We look forward to seeing how we can help your business not only grow but flourish!