VA Client Relationship Coaching

Is a VA the right fit for you and your business?

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A note from your coach…

VA Client Relationship Coaching is for small business owners who are either looking for a VA or have had an unsuccessful VA relationship. I coach, teach and train my clients on the nuances of the VA industry, giving them confidence to partner with the right VA.

The programs are based on my experience in the VA industry. I’m grateful for the many conversations I’ve had over the years with clients through Peace of Mind VA and as a board member with the International Virtual Assistants Association.

Communication and understanding are vital components for any relationship. When the relationship involves businesses operating virtually those components are crucial. It is my desire that clients of VA Client Relationship Coaching will exit the programs with an understanding of the VA industry and a foundation upon which they will build an enjoyable long-term VA client partnership.

Sue Kramer Harrawood
Founder and Coach
VA/Client Relationship Coaching


Experience teaches us that building a satisfying relationship involves many things including determination, patience, and a willingness to change, compromise and communicate. The VA Client Relationship Coaching programs work specifically with business owners and personally walk them through the following:

  • • What a VA is and is not
  • • How to communicate with a VA
  • • How to partner with a VA
  • • What the best fitting options are – VA, employee or intern

Save Time = $$$

Business owners often spend hours searching for the right VA.  That’s where I come in. By providing essential information clients understand the nuances of the VA industry and have the confidence to partner with the right VA.

Save frustration by learning:

  • Who you work best with (Core values, personality, styles of communication and management)
  • Is your business able to sustain additional team members
  • Which services your business really needs
  • How to work with support professionals who are business owners
  • What types of clients fit best in a VA client relationship

My business had grown to the point where I was doing too much; I knew I needed help.  I heard about the virtual assistance industry and was referred to Sue Harrawood by one of Sue’s colleagues.  This gal told me that Sue could connect me to a tremendous professional who would get me out from under all the necessary tasks that I didn’t have the time or skill to do.  What I didn’t expect is that Sue would first coach me to see if partnering with a VA was a fit for both me AND my business.  She asked me all kinds of questions – the kind that spoke volumes of the years of experience Sue’s had working with clients, hiring VAs and more.  Sue is a natural for coaching potential VA clients – she listened, she challenged me to think about things I hadn’t considered, she explained the industry to me and so much more.

I’m so excited to know that Sue has officially launched VA Client Relationship Coaching and that I was one of her beta testers.  I highly recommend this program to my fellow business owners.  We all need a professional team.  Sue’s coaching programs are the foundation of building that team AND creating long-term enjoyable relationships with your team.

JuliAnn Stitick
Wardrobe Rx


My business had grown to the point where I really needed help so I could manage my time and my business (and my life) better. I was doing too much in the places where I didn’t want to spend that amount of time. I knew Sue through one of my colleagues and reached out to her for help. She educated on me on what a VA could do for me and what to look for in VA who would be a team member. Sue first coached me to see if partnering with a VA was a fit for both me AND my business. She asked me all kinds of questions that exemplified that she knew what she was talking about. She inquired about things I would never have thought to ask myself or a VA candidate. Sue knows her business and knows what business owners need and her coaching potential VA clients makes the match work for both the client and the VA.

I’m thrilled that I was a beta tester for Sue’s coaching company. I think this step is necessary when choosing the right fit for one’s business and I’m extremely happy with my VA given that I knew what I was looking for. I highly recommend Sue’s coaching program in order to find your right fit.

Suzanne Levy
Bolder Leadership, Inc.


About your coach…Sue Kramer Harrawood is founder and President of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance and VA Client Relationship Coaching. Founded in 2003, Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance is a full service virtual assistance firm.Sue’s experience as an industry leader, Marketing Director for the International Virtual Assistants Association (2005–2009), IVAA committee member, VA, Online Business Manager and VA who hires VA’s for her clients led her to open the doors of VA Client Relationship Coaching.Sue’s transparent, friendly, no nonsense communication style allows clients to let their hair down and get to the real meat of challenges they are facing. Her experience as a VA and VA client allows her to understand both the VA and client mindset. Sue is passionate about educating VA’s and clients on the importance of communication as a catalyst for developing enjoyable long-term relationships.