Consider Delegating Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season has arrived.  Are you overwhelmed with thoughts of sending cards and gifts to clients, colleagues and family?  Considering delegating those tasks but feel it’s impersonal?

Let’s face it as business owners we already have too much to do.  Ideally we’d love to return all our calls and emails personally however that’s just not realistic if we want our businesses to grow.  Shopping is the same.

For many years VAs like me have taken this load off our clients’ overflowing plates.  They are relieved and we thoroughly enjoy shopping and sending cards.  Our clients look like the thoughtful people they are and VAs get a kick out of knowing the recipient will love the thoughtful gesture.

Contemplating delegating your gift giving throughout the year?  Thanks to the online world pretty much everything can be purchased online (Even cards).  Additionally, if your assistant is willing (And has good taste!), they can purchase gifts at a physical location.  I’ve done this for clients for years.  It’s fun for me and the client is thrilled.  Here are a few examples of items your assistant can send on your behalf:

  • Thank you notes
  • Flowers
  • Sporting event tickets
  • Wedding and baby gifts
  • Food gifts
  • Holiday gifts and cards
  • Gift cards

Have your assistant help you create the list.  The more often she/he helps you with this they’ll get an idea of your taste, budget and frequency.  As a seasoned personal shopper I receive great deals from merchants year round.  My rolodex is a go to for great  vendors for flowers, cookies, cards, you name it.

Last but not least, as you contemplate giving gifts, whether during the holidays or year round, don’t forget your team.  After all they are the folks who run your business seamlessly all year long.  Find out what kind of gifts they appreciate and let them know how thankful you are for all their help.

Need some assistance with gift giving or keeping in touch with your clients and colleagues?  Send me an email and we’ll do some brainstorming.