[Partnering w/a VA 101]: Taking Ownership

When you think of that person who relishes being a partner in your business who comes to mind? Is it the team member who shows up late and goes home early? Of course not!  The person who comes quickly to mind and brings a smile to your face is the one who has a great attitude and is willing to roll up their sleeves and dive into a project.  This person consistently solves problems and makes your life so much sweeter!

Do What You Do Best – Delegate the Rest

What if I told you there are folks who do this on a daily basis and aren’t employees?  That’s right – they’re contractors.  Enter the world of virtual assistants and other virtual professionals (Bookkeepers, operations pros, online marketers, copywriters, web pros).  Every day we take ownership of our clients businesses.  You guessed it – we treat them like our very own and are determined to do our utmost to help those companies grow.

To some this may sound too good to be true.  When I hear a small business owner say they can’t find good help I either tell them or think ‘You haven’t talked to me’.  There is a vast supply of tremendous expertise. Whether an owner needs an operations pro to come alongside them and manage all the day to day nuts and bolts of the biz so they can concentrate on generating revenue or they just need a reliable bookkeeper to get the invoices and payroll out efficiently virtual professionals have you covered!

‘How can I trust someone I can’t see?’ is a question I’m asked sometimes.  I encourage business owners to get referrals from those you trust.  Or you may run into virtual professionals like me at in-person networking events.  This is a great way to get a sense of the professional.  Also keep in mind, though VAs and VPs are small business owners, you should vet us like any other vendor you are considering bringing onto your team.  All virtual professionals should be happy to have you speak with clients and those who’ve given testimonials on their websites and LinkedIn profiles.

Though giving ownership to another professional can be terrific remember to take it slow.  New team members don’t know your business or your clients like you do.  Though they bring tons of expertise to your business there will be a small amount of on-boarding time so be patient.  It’s also important to be available for questions and to have an environment where they feel comfortable getting up to speed.

About Sue Kramer-Harrawood

Sue Kramer Harrawood is a Virtual Assistant, Speaker and VA/Client Relationship Coach. She is the founder of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. As the leader of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance Sue connects established easy to work with small business owners to highly skilled virtual specialists. Sue’s passion for the VA industry drives her passion to speak to the business community. The lessons she learned from leadership in the VA industry and those she learned partnering beside her own clients for more than seven years led Sue to launch VA/Client Relationship Coaching. She coaches small business owners on how to partner with and build successful long-term VA/Client relationships. Sue’s transparent style of sharing her own strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned attracts clients who seek a knowledgeable VA leader with an approachable, helpful, humorous, direct and transparent style.

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