Hurry Up and Wait

In order to have a business we must continue to add clients.  That sounds like a no brainer right?  However finding and retaining clients is a learned skill.  At times it seems like prospects are flooding through our phone lines and inbox.  Other times we find ourselves testing our telephone and internet connection to make sure they are working because no one is reaching out.  Sound familiar or am I the only one who’s done this? 🙂

Tons of webinars and e-books teach you how to create a beautiful proposal.  You’ve also learned how to follow up and you think you are doing that well.  So what happened to those prospects you spoke with last week, last month, last year?  They received your beautifully detailed proposal and you’ve followed up several times.  Nothing.  Nadda.  No contact.

I call this the Hurry Up and Wait period.  It’s usually the time where we get nervous especially if we really like the prospect and the potential work or we need more work.  If we have any head trash it will most likely rear it’s ugly head during this time.  It’s important that you do not freeze (Fear makes some people freeze).  Continue to work and market via social media, ezines and  other drip marketing methods.

Owning a business takes…

  • Faith
  • Guts
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Prayer
  • Time
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Wisdom
  • Consistently marketing so you’ll have enough prospects in your pipeline
  • Developing your inner circle of resources and supportive colleagues
  • Learning about social media, ezines, press releases and article marketing
About Sue Kramer-Harrawood

Sue Kramer Harrawood is a Virtual Assistant, Speaker and VA/Client Relationship Coach. She is the founder of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. As the leader of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance Sue connects established easy to work with small business owners to highly skilled virtual specialists. Sue’s passion for the VA industry drives her passion to speak to the business community. The lessons she learned from leadership in the VA industry and those she learned partnering beside her own clients for more than seven years led Sue to launch VA/Client Relationship Coaching. She coaches small business owners on how to partner with and build successful long-term VA/Client relationships. Sue’s transparent style of sharing her own strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned attracts clients who seek a knowledgeable VA leader with an approachable, helpful, humorous, direct and transparent style.

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