Do Not Delegate Event Planning

Picture it…a beautiful room buzzing with conversations from colleagues you really enjoy.  An elegantly wrapped gift at each place setting.  Wonderful food elegantly presented.  Speakers who are engaging.

Awesome events are just that…awesome!  All the planning that goes into events can be done by anyone.  Hundreds of details, endless communications and deadlines are so simple to do.

You love…

  • Negotiating contracts with Sales and Catering
  • Viewing speaker websites and videos to select just the right one your attendees will enjoy
  • Purchasing and wrapping gifts
  • Creating rockin PowerPoints that wow your audience
  • Keeping track of RSVPs and cancellations
  • Managing the budget
  • Pouring over menus to ensure you select the one to please all tastes
  • Endless communications with the venue
  • Proofing and editing documents from the printer

What!  You don’t enjoy and aren’t good at the tasks above?  You’d rather just arrive and have everything done?  Y-O-U are not alone.  🙂

I always laugh when I hear folks complaining about how much event professionals and meeting planners charge.  Those folks have no idea the time invested in planning an event – any event.  Having skilled professionals at the helm is an absolute must.  These professionals are worth every dime – in fact they are priceless!  Event and meeting professionals are highly skilled and have the expertise to work with vast amounts of data and details on a daily basis.  We (Yep I’m one of them) actually enjoy this stuff.  The tasks that nauseate you really get us jazzed!  We are absolutely thrilled to work behind the scenes and make our clients look great.

So…the next time you attend an event please show gratitude to the coordinator.  They will soooo appreciate that you took the time to thank them!

About Sue Kramer-Harrawood

Sue Kramer Harrawood is a Virtual Assistant, Speaker and VA/Client Relationship Coach. She is the founder of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. As the leader of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance Sue connects established easy to work with small business owners to highly skilled virtual specialists. Sue’s passion for the VA industry drives her passion to speak to the business community. The lessons she learned from leadership in the VA industry and those she learned partnering beside her own clients for more than seven years led Sue to launch VA/Client Relationship Coaching. She coaches small business owners on how to partner with and build successful long-term VA/Client relationships. Sue’s transparent style of sharing her own strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned attracts clients who seek a knowledgeable VA leader with an approachable, helpful, humorous, direct and transparent style.

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