Executive Assistant VA Coaching

Executive Assistant VAs…
Are YOU stopping your growth?

A note from your coach…

Executive Assistant VA Coaching is for EA VAs who may be new to the industry or perhaps they’ve been in business for a while and are ready to break through the challenges that hinder Executive Assistant VAs.

After nine years as an executive assistant VA and OBM I decided to coach, teach and train my fellow EA VAs on the nuances of how to improve their relationships with their clients.  Warning! First stop is a trip to the mirror.

I’m grateful for the many conversations I’ve had over the years with clients through Peace of Mind VA and as an IVAA board member.  Those conversations made me realize how valuable and in high demand the Executive Assistant VA specialty is.


Sue Kramer Harrawood
Founder and Coach
VA/Client Relationship Coaching


Are you ready to stop being frustrated and learn about…

  • Why your business is where it is
  • How clients think
  • What clients expect of their VA
  • What value you bring to the table
  • What your rates say about you
  • How business goes on in spite of life happening
  • Who you work best with (Core values, personality, styles of communication, leadership  and management)
  • Is your business able to sustain new clients
  • Which services YOU choose to provide and not provide
  • The right clients for you
  • What a good client looks like (You might be surprised)
  • Why volunteering, mastermind groups and continuing education are important

About your coach…Sue Kramer Harrawood is founder and President of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance and VA Client Relationship Coaching. Founded in 2003, Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance is a full service virtual assistance firm.

Sue’s experience as an industry leader, Marketing Director for the International Virtual Assistants Association (2005–2009), IVAA committee member, VA, Online Business Manager and VA who hires VA’s for her clients led her to open the doors of VA Client Relationship Coaching.

Sue’s transparent, friendly, no nonsense communication style allows clients to let their hair down and get to the real meat of challenges they are facing. Her experience as a VA and VA client allows her to understand both the VA and client mindset. Sue is passionate about educating VA’s and clients on the importance of communication as a catalyst for developing enjoyable long-term relationships.