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ATTENTION: Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers, Social Media Specialists, Web Developers and other Virtual Professionals


Are You Just Beginning Your Career as a Virtual Professional? Are You Struggling to Make a Name for Yourself Within Your Industry?

Whether You’ve Considered Becoming a Sub-Contractor for an Established VA Team or You’re Just Hearing About Sub-Contracting for the First Time, This Ground Breaking Course May Be the Answer You’ve Been Searching for to Energize Your Career and Help You Create the Business Presence and Income You Deserve!


Hi, I’m Sue Kramer-Harrawood, Owner and Founder of VA Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance. I’ve been in the VA industry for nearly 10 years and in addition to building my own practice, I’ve had the privilege of serving this industry as a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association Board of Directors. Over the last decade I’ve seen the rapid growth and opportunities available to virtual professionals just like you and me. It’s a very exciting time to be a virtual professional, no matter what your specialty!

Unfortunately, as you likely know, it can be very difficult starting a business, especially one that is based primarily online. One of the best ways I’ve seen people get started in the industry is by sub-contracting for other Virtual Professionals. It gives someone new to the industry the chance to “learn the ropes” while creating an income and establishing their business presence.

Over the years I’ve had the honor of working with some of the best, most well-known VAs in the world and I’ve seen how many of them have structured teams of other professionals to support their service to other business men and women. It’s an amazing dynamic, one that benefits everyone from the team members to the owner to the clients they serve.

But these multi-VA teams require a certain type of virtual professional in order to create a successful dynamic. As I’ve spoken with these amazing team owners over the years I’ve learned just what makes a great, in-demand sub-contractor. But if you’ve never sub-contracted your services, how are you supposed to know just what they’re looking for?

That’s when I realized that as a VA Relationship Coach, I could collaborate with
some of these amazing women and put together a course that
specifically teaches you exactly what you need to know to be an

Exceptional Subcontractor!


Sue, this is EXACTLY what I need! Sign Me Up!

In my ground-breaking new program, you will have the opportunity to learn not only from those who have had successful teams for years, but from those who have built their careers being the “VA’s VA,” someone who prefers to work as a sub-contractor than build their own clientele.

As a VA firm owner I’ve hired many virtual professionals over the years to assist me and my clients.  Unfortunately, I’ve also had to fire a few, which is not enjoyable for anyone.  Being in business for as long as I have certain trends and no no’s stand out to me and my colleagues.  Exceptional Subcontractors’ mission is to teach attendees how to’s, why’s, what to do’s AND what not to do’s to be an exceptional, sought-after team member.

If you…

  • Are open to constructive criticism
  • Want to learn from successful, established professionals
  • Are willing to ask questions
  • Can and will follow instruction
  • Want to learn from the best in the industry
  • Are focused on improving yourself and your family’s future
  • Want to improve your problem-solving skills
  • Want to learn how veteran professionals think

…then this seven-week course is exactly what you need!

Beginning October 30th, you’ll learn from some of the best in the VA Community, including:

Diana Ennen: Get the 411 on Team Communication

  Diana Ennen,  Virtual Word Publishing, is known internationally as the Public Relations VA to the stars.  Diana and her team know what it takes to communicate to the media, their clients AND each other.  Sit at Diana’s feet and learn what multi-VA firm owners and those working with subcontractors expect in communication from their teams and how you can be an Exceptional, sought after Subcontractor.Learn more about Diana at www.virtualwordpublishing.com.


Donna Toothaker: Own It!  Accountability, Dependability and Problem Solving 

  Donna Toothaker needs little introduction. VA Success Coach to many; Donna walks the walk and is responsible for many VA’s achieving six-figure business status through her business, Step It Up VA. Donna joins Exceptional Subcontractors to talk team. Learn how she selected her team and hear what it took to be an Exceptional Subcontractor on one of the most well-respected firms in the industry.To learn about Donna and her services, visit www.stepitupva.com.


Jeannine Clontz: Business Ethics and Integrity

  Owner of Accurate Business Services, Jeannine Clontz is a sought after speaker and consultant on business ethics.  In her spare time she operates a successful multi-VA firm.  Find out why Jeannine is always on the short list when businesses and organizations need to know what the right decision is.  For information about Jeannine and her business, visit www.accbizsvcs.com.


Patty Benton: Time Management and Balance

Single mom of three, stepmother to 2 more, serial entrepreneur…Sit at the feet of Patty Benton and learn what success takes and how YOU can do it!  For 9 years Patty has raised her family and run several successful businesses.  If you wonder how in the world she does it (I do!) join us.  Learn more about Patty and her services at www.pattybenton.com.


Patty Dost: A Day in the Life of the VA’s VA

Time Is Of The Es-cents business owner, Patty Dost, is known throughout the industry as the VA’s VA.  She has assisted many top multi-VA teams over the years.  Find out why Patty is THE most Exceptional sub!  Join us and learn from Patty how YOU can be an Exceptional Subcontractor.  See what Patty offers other VAs at www.timeisoftheescents.com.


Sue Kramer Harrawood: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  Sue Kramer Harrawood is a VA, OBM, speaker, coach and author.  Sue’s VA firm uses the DISC profile to effectively communicate with their team and clients.  She is a huge fan of the DISC profile as she knows business is about people + communication = building relationships.  Her familiarity with DISC comes via experience with organizations including Mary Kay Cosmetics, C12 and Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership. Learn about Sue’s years of experience, knowledge and valuable services by visiting www.vapeaceofmind.com.


Nina Feldman: What’s Hot and What’s Not In Skills and Services

  Nina Feldman is known internationally as the go-to resource when folks are stumped and need a unique VA or consultant. Find out what skills and services clients ask Nina for help with and which are most in-demand for VAs these days.  Read more about Nina and her services at www.ninafeldman.com


Plus, as part of this program, you’ll receive two amazing bonuses:

Bonus #1: “Your Next Step” Free Call (a $60 value) – So you’re armed with all this great information on how to be an exceptional contractor. Now what? In this one hour call, Sue Kramer Harrawood is going to help you take the next step, explaining the best ways to take this knowledge and make your place in the VA community as an in-demand sub-contractor! This call will take place at the end of the regular course.

Bonus #2: DISC profile (a $29.95 value) – This invaluable tool will help you not only discover your personal work-style, but the style of those around you. With this incredible bonus DISC profile, you will:

  • Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems
  • Learn how to adapt your own style to get along better with others
  • Foster constructive and creative group interactions
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
  • Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members

Maybe you hadn’t even considered sub-contracting in your business, but you’re struggling to bring in the number of clients you need. Maybe you didn’t realize just how much marketing you would need to do to build your business. Or maybe you just don’t enjoy having to get in front of others and “sell” them on why they need your services. By becoming a sub-contractor, you’ll get a jump-start on building a name for yourself while you begin creating the income you desire.

Many sub-contractors begin receiving referral work that leads to long-term, direct clients. Sub-contracting can be a short-term answer or a long-term career. The choice is yours. But no matter how long you may be a part of a team, what you learn as a subcontractor will serve you for the rest of your career!

For the first time I’m offering a program that teaches you how to be a sub-contractor! For an investment of just $247, you’ll take away lessons that will serve for the rest of your life.

So if you are ready to…

  • Serve TOP clients
  • Pick the brain of successful, established VA firm owners
  • Understand business ethics and how they apply to YOUR business
  • Be known as a valuable and dependable part of any team
  • Learn from THE best and most successful VAs
  • Build a reputation as a problem solver
  • Know what top VA firms look for when selecting team members
  • Learn how to effectively manage your work and personal commitments
  • Understand how a problem solver thinks
  • Be known as an Exceptional Subcontractor

Classes are each Tuesday at 1:00 ET beginning October 30th. Can’t make a class? No problem! Recordings and handouts will be sent after the class. Please note, class dates and times may be subject to change.

Still not quite sure this this is the right course for you? No problem. I’m offering a 100% Money Back Peace of Mind Guarantee. If after the first class on October 30th you don’t believe you’re going to get your money’s worth, just contact me directly within three days and I’ll refund 100% of your investment–NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I Can’t Wait to Get Started!


OR I’d Like A 2-Pay Option Please:

Please note, class size is limited. I want to be sure each person who registers gets the time and attention they deserve, so be sure to reserve your seat today!

If you missed the free call on Friday October 12th click here to download the recording

On behalf of the other teachers and I, we can’t wait to help you jump start your career as a sub-contracting Virtual Professional!

Sue Kramer Harrawood
Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance
VA Client Relationship Coaching

PS: Don’t forget, space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot!

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Sue Kramer Harrawood is founder and President of Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance and VA Client Relationship Coaching. Founded in 2003, Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance is a full service virtual assistance firm.

Sue’s experience as an industry leader, Marketing Director for the International Virtual Assistants Association (2005–2009), IVAA committee member, VA, Online Business Manager and VA who hires VA’s for her clients led her to open the doors of VA Client Relationship Coaching.

Her transparent, friendly, no nonsense communication style allows clients to let their hair down and get to the real meat of challenges they are facing. Her experience as a VA and VA client allows her to understand both the VA and client mindset. Sue is passionate about educating VA’s and clients on the importance of communication as a catalyst for developing enjoyable long-term relationships.

Sue’s coaching program and e-book guide potential VA clients through the nuances of the virtual assistance industry and gives them the confidence to find the right VA.