Client Groups

New VAs or VAs in business less than five years

These individuals may have difficulty finding the right clients and/or keeping clients long-term.  Though coaching can be customized typically these VAs need help with:

  • Seeing themselves as a business owner
  • Confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, having a supportive circle
  • Communication – how to, methods
  • Boundaries – work hours (Work/life balance), what types of clients are a fit
  • Interview due diligence
  • Personality and management styles
  • Networking
  • Volunteerism

Seasoned VAs

These individuals may have or have had bumps in the road with existing or previous clients and desire to improve those relationships and themselves.  Other individuals may have taken on a ‘horrendous client’ and need help terminating the relationship or getting past the memories/emotions of a terminated relationship.  Another area that seasoned VAs sometimes struggle with is communication.  After years of growing our businesses we sometimes get stagnant and think we don’t need to improve until business starts to slip.  For these veteran VAs, once they realize and are open to help, a tweak here and a tweak there will usually get them back on track.

VAs and their clients

This group is committed to improving their relationship.  Sometimes when individuals are involved in a relationship they don’t see the bumps or blind spots.  Your coach, a neutral third party, will interview each individual and see what they think the challenges are.  She will then share the findings with each individual and then bring the group together so they can all discuss how to best overcome the challenges.

Potential clients new to virtual assistance

These individuals (small business owners – corporations) are contemplating partnering with a VA but oftentimes are unfamiliar with the industry.  They may have read about the industry, received encouragement from a colleague ‘to get a VA’ or may have been referred to a VA.  For these individuals coaching will comprise the following:

  • Who a VA is and is not
  • How a VA works
  • Contractor vs. employee
  • Client and VA expectations
  • Communication – methods, best practices, etc.
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust and transparency
  • How to interview

Note: There is a separate coaching package for individuals in this group who would like help writing and posting an RFP and vetting VAs.